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Following is a list of available plays

Company of Wayward Saints - contact Samuel French

The balance of this list contact Mr. Herman @

     The Bunbury Bureau * Shakespeare in Italy * Bouja * 2000 Miracles

      The King has Gone to Tenebrae * Mr. Highpockets * Greensleeves * Little Rome, Iowa

      From Sea to Shining Sea * Man in the Cordoban Hat * Twilight & Evening Bell


Queen of the Northwind * Drury Lane * The After-Hours Fantasy Theatre * Phoenix and the Fox

Harlequin in Venice * Pius Nine is Falling Down * Seasoning of the Bulls

A Stone for Either Hand * Mother Eve’s Astounding Apple Seeds * The Lucifer Files

Children’s Plays

Nine Dragons   &   The Hidden Place  (Available thru PlayScripts)

Rumpelstiltskin   *   Fraidy Cat   *   The Rats of Hamelin   *   Baba Yag   *   Godmother Goose